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Top 10 Strategic Planning Companies - 2021

Organizations across the globe execute their operations as per a business strategy that enables them to track progress towards the end goal. A company’s success is highly impacted when all the departments and teams are aware of the larger strategy. With the world witnessing the COVID-19 pandemic that disrupted the smooth flow of work in all aspects, organizations are in need of serious strategic planning to keep their business afloat. Some of the trending technologies set to transform strategic planning services for enterprises are cloud technology, the Internet of behaviors, industrial automation, and low code, among others.

Emerging cloud-native technologies are born from open sources and incubated in public clouds that drive fast innovation by connecting more global locations. Over the next three to five years, firms will shift their cloud strategy to include more edge services from more vendors. Internet of Behavior is an emerging trend that affirms how organizations leverage technology to monitor the behavioral pattern and manage data to plan the experience. Gartner predicted that by 2025, half of the world population will be subject to at least one IoB program. Automation technology has shifted from task-based automation to process-based automation as it is easier to automate several tasks in a process and move towards digital process automation with pragmatic AI and low-code tools. This helps in planning and executing business goals effectively and efficiently.

As more businesses start adopting strategic planning services, they need to identify a viable service provider that ensures maximum efficiency and productivity. To help choose the service provider that best fits your requirements, Manage HR has compiled this edition comprising leaders in the market who provide huge offerings in the strategic planning space. Besides, the magazine also comprises advice, insights and thought leadership from industry experts for aspiring CIOs and CXOs. We present to you Manage HR’s “Top 10 Strategic Planning Service Providers - 2021"

    Top Strategic Planning Companies

  • Founded in 2019, Leading Culture Solutions brings a consultative approach to mid-sized growth companies that are looking to advance business outcomes at scale – offering strategic planning, organizational effectiveness and culture transformation through diversity equity and inclusion (DEI) lens. They offer consulting services to help manage organizational changes, fill interim leadership roles, conduct organizational assessments, identify future course, course-correct unhealthy mindsets and behaviors and find ways to do more with less.

  • Censeo Consulting

    Censeo Consulting

    Censeo Consulting Helps Public Sector Organizations Operate Effectively. Running an organization and executing plans is hard work. Their proven approach to operational excellence and delivering results combines a focus on outcomes, data-driven insights and ongoing collaboration. Censeo is recognized for its focus on its people and unique business model by the world’s leading business newspapers and the most respected industry magazines.

  • Collaborative Strategies

    Collaborative Strategies

    Collaborative Strategies is an entrepreneurial firm dedicated to serving entrepreneurial leaders. We are recognized for our planning expertise, and we focus on strategy, leadership succession, and performance enhancement. As the St. Louis region’s leading strategy consultancy, their clients include growing organizations throughout the Midwest and beyond. Their clients rank among the Best Places to Work and Fastest Growing Companies. They also serve the not-for-profit organizations that attract the leadership of business owners and civic leaders as directors.

  • Crowned Grace International

    Crowned Grace International

    Crowned Grace International is the premier solution integration provider for public and private sector organizations within the United States, Mexico and Brazil. They are experienced in assisting their customers in defining, aligning and executing upon their strategically focused business objectives. They assist in linking your leaders to your business results! All of their solutions are customized to your vision, your mission and your strategic destination. They never forget that their success is based on the consistent, repeatable achievement of your strategic objectives.

  • Optimize


    Optimize Inc. is a growth consulting company based in Los Angeles. They help companies identify their sweet spot, determining what products and services to sell into what markets, and at what rate of growth. As one of the few Los Angeles firms specializing solely in strategic planning, they have crafted more than 300 strategic plans. They also help companies build capabilities in the form of capacity, sales, marketing, human capital and technology. Specializing in strategy and strategic planning, we have been trusted advisors to senior managers for public companies, mid-market organizations, and non-profits.

  • Processio Strategic Services

    Processio Strategic Services

    Processio Strategic Services equips businesses with the organizational resources necessary to intentionally push their business forward, instead of being hindered by obstacles which can slow down a business’ growth and prosperity. They also want to help individuals better market themselves to achieve a stronger market/candidate presence for career progression. They do this by offering Human Resource, Strategic Management, and Career Coaching expertise with individualized attention, at a much lower rate than their competitors. We want every business that needs resources to be able to access resources.

  • Small Business HR Services

    Small Business HR Services

    SBHRS help their clients enhance their business results by working with them on aligning talent management strategies to their business objectives, and navigating complicated employment laws to minimize risk. They help their clients with correct policies to ensure they are operating within government regulations.

  • Steven A. Harman Associates

    Steven A. Harman Associates

    Steven A. Harman Associates, LLC is a full-service human resource management consulting firm. They provide consulting services to public and non-profit organizations throughout the western United States. Their mission is to provide high-quality, creative and affordable human resources management consulting services to public and non-profit organizations. Their vision is to help client's improve the delivery of services to the communities they serve.

  • The Barthwell Group

    The Barthwell Group

    The Barthwell Group, a Certified Woman-Owned, Minority, Small Business Enterprise, is a boutique, multi-dimensional management consulting firm, based in Detroit, with clients throughout the United States. Their diverse and highly-credentialed team assists a range of clients, from small colleges and universities to Fortune 100 companies, achieve better management outcomes through a variety of services.

  • Workplace Experts

    Workplace Experts

    With the goals of providing clients with the tools they need to more effectively manage their employees, and helping clients increase their ability to maximize earnings and/or productivity and minimize costs, Workplace Experts is your go-to source. From the HR audit to determine what is working in your organization design and in HR to assisting you with areas for improvement, they pinpoint the specific areas of focus and you determine the level of their involvement. Their individualized service means you get a strategy that works for you and your operation.

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